Opening Ceremony of the 17th Italian Language & Culture Week in GDUFS-留学生教育学院
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Opening Ceremony of the 17th Italian Language & Culture Week in GDUFS
2017-10-17 11:51  

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, October 16th, 2017: Laura Egoli, the Consul General of Italia in Guangzhou, paid an visit to GDUFS and attended the opening ceremony of the 17thItalian Language and Culture Week which was held in the Lecture Hall of Library. Before the ceremony, SUI Guangjun, General Secretary and President of GDUFS, received the guests in the VIP Hall of the Administration Building. The principal offcials inthe Office of International Cooperation and Exchange andFaculty of European Languages and Cultures were also attended the meeting.

SUI met with Laura Egoli

During the meeting, SUI Guangjun expressed appreciation to the cooperation and support in terms of Italian language and culture, hoping for a deeper collaboration in the future. When talking about the approaches for faculties and students to develop a complete understanding about Italy, SUI referred to this Italian Language and Culture Week and the Europe Research Center, which was ratified by Education Department and supported by the Italian government. He hoped these measures would offer a wider platform to Italian learners.

Laura Egoli delivered a speech

Laura Egoli pointed out the current situation about Italian that it has more and more learners. Therefore, she sincerely thanked those who contributed to spreading Italian culture. She also spoke of movies, which she considered an important medium of culture, and she hoped students can actively join in the Italian Movies Viewing Activity next month.YANG Xiaomin gave anintroduction of GDUFS's education philosophy, and expressed her appreciation to the Italian Consulate General and expectations of students. Also, she stated GDUFS was making an effort to build a practice base abroad and find new ways for scientific research cooperation.

Group Photo

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