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Having the First Taste of The World Culture Lectures
2017-10-27 12:04  

On October 16th2017, The World Culture Lectures of The 9thWorld Culture Festival was held in Room 107 of the 7th Teaching Building. Students at GDUFS, especially the freshmen, had their first taste of the World Culture Lectures.

SHA La gave a passionate speech

Students from the Institute for International Education — SHA La from South Sudan, BAI Mingzhu and Svetlana Zenkova from Russia – introduced their countries. SHA La delivered the speech in both Chinese and English, which made it easier for both Chinese students and foreign students to understand. She introduced South Sudan in various aspects including food, culture, aesthetic standards and history. When describing the tough process of the independence of South Sudan, the audience was all encapsulated as if deeply moved by their bravery. Besides, because of the delightful and humorous tone of her speech, the audience burst into laughter several times. Therefore, it was clear that everyone was captivated by the exotic and mysterious country that they had probably never learned about before.

The two Russian lecturers

BAI Mingzhu and Svetlana Zenkova introduced their country by starting their presentation with some world-famous facts about Russia. The two girls successfully captured the audience’s attention. They introduced two famous cities — Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in detail — which gave an overall view of their charm. After that, they showed the audience the names of some well-contributed people in various fields. Some are familiar to us while others are seldom heard of in China.

After the lecture, we interviewed the presenters from Russia. They said that they had prepared for the presentation over two days, which gave them a chance to know more about their country. They were so proud to present the real Russia and its beauty to the audience that they delightfully gave themselves a thumb-up. In the end, they expressed that they wanted to take part in more activities like this.

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