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GDUFS Students Performed on CCTV
2018-05-09 16:18  

The 2018 national literature and art performance Flowers in May was recorded in the gymnasium of China Agricultural University on April 30th. The performance, with the theme of “Dream in the New Era”, was jointly hosted by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, and was undertaken by the Central Radio and Television Station. 10 GDUFS students from China, Brazil, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Sudan, Ukraine, Spain and Yemen were invited to participate in the performance.

Students and teachers of GDUFS rehearsing in Beijing

Flowers in May as a brand program of Youth Day, has successfully held seven sessions on CCTV so far and enjoys a wide popularity among Chinese audiences. This year the performance of Flowers in May had the theme of “Dream in the New Era, Create a new future” and a thread of “Practice the Core Values of Socialism”, and was divided into four parts, “create”, “strive”, “unite”, and “dream”. Students from nearly a hundred universities and colleges around China performed with great passion and showed their enthusiasm and energy on stage, which played a wonderful song of youth in this new era. During the performance, creative technology elements including holograms and drones could be seen almost everywhere, which positively responded the call of “Innovation is the first power to lead development” from the 19th CPC National Congress.

Foreign students of GDUFS on stage

This trip to Beijing was led by TU Ying, a teacher of the Youth League Committee and CAI Weiliang, a teacher from the Institute for International Education. They arrived in Beijing on April 23th and started intense rehearsals. Among them, nine foreign students performed a song and went on stage with four famous idols together. Besides, WU Qiujie, leader of the art troupe of GDUFS, performed in the starting and ending show as a representative of the university delegation. Students didn’t have much time to prepare for this difficult task, but they worked hard with teachers and practiced repeatedly to show their best. Despite all the rehearsals day and night, they treated every performance positively. At the same time, concern from the leaders of GDUFS also encouraged and motivated students greatly. The performance, which was a big success, gained a storm of applause from the audience and was affirmed by the director section of CCTV.

Foreign students of GDUFS interviewed by journalists of CCTV

During the performance, three foreign students from GDUFS were selected to be the only three university students to interact with stars, which was reported on the Internet by more than 30 media outlets. The performance will be reported online when it’s broadcast on TV. In this activity, students’ excellent performance not only showed the good image, but also the international education features, various university cultures and results of talent cultivation of GDUFS.

Foreign students of GDUFS interacted with stars

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