New Russian Consul General in Guangzhou Visits GDUFS-留学生教育学院
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New Russian Consul General in Guangzhou Visits GDUFS
2018-07-13 17:42  

On July 13th, Viktor Pashkov, the new Russian Consul General in Guangzhou, and his team visited GDUFS. SHI Youqi, the President of GDUFS, met the guests in the VIP Room of the North Campus Lounge. Both sides discussed the issues about the cooperation between GDUFS and Russian colleges and universities.

After giving a hearty welcome to Viktor Pashkov and his team, SHI Youqi introduced to them the development of the Russian major at GDUFS as well as the research programs of countries and regions. He pointed out that the Russian major in GDUFS, taking the lead in the Russian majors of all universities in South China, has a long history. GDUFS has built up cooperative relationships with 16 Russian universities, colleges and institutions so far, including Moscow State University, Moscow State Linguistic University and Ural Federal University. SHI Youqi also expressed the hope of collaborating with more Russian universities in the aspects of student exchange, teacher exchange, scientific research, academic research and joint training.

Both sides are discussing

Viktor Pashkov thanked SHI Youqi for his warm welcome, and mentioned that the collaboration between GDUFS and Russian universities and colleges has been fruitful for a long time. He hoped that this visit can facilitate more cooperation and exchange between GDUFS and Russian universities and colleges, promoting the development in the field of education in China and Russia. In addition, he also expressed his willingness to support and assist the improvements of Russian major as well as Russian Centre in GDUFS.

CAI Hong, the Director of the Office for International Cooperation and Exchange, YANG Ke, the Dean of the Faculty of European Languages & Cultures, and CHEN Hanxi, the deputy Secretary-General of the Guangdong International Institute for Strategic Studies, also attended the meeting.

Group photo

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